About Us

Tetra Door LLC. is a company that manufactures steel and fire doors. Our doors are not only perfect for security but are also ideal for decoration. We own the; TSE –OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. With a total production area of 4000 m², we have a capacity of producing 30.000 doors anually.

Together with its personnel, Tetra Door is aiming for a; strong development, good quality and products & services at a high standard. Our goal is to be a symbol of; reliability, respectability and persistence for our country, customers, dealers and sub-industry.

Tetra Door is continuously renewing and developing itself. Our principles are keeping our quality standards high by using the most advanced technology by our experienced staff that functions at an international level.

Our first priority is creating value for our customers and responding to their expectations with quality and stability. It is our task to own our products and to stand by our customers before and after delivering the order. We see no difference in the size of a task, big or small; to achieve the perfect, every task is equal and important on its own. Insisting on the path to perfection, we are growing day by day.

Thanks to rapid production and low costs, Tetra Door has extended its network day by day. At Tetra Door, our search for new markets never ends. Everyone who joins our company becomes a family member. We have set high targets that can only be reached by investing in; effort, ideas and touching the heart. Step by step, we want to change the world and contribute to its development!